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Sensory Bath: welcoming your baby

I only provide this service to persons who have already conducted hypnosis or rebozo sessions with me.

I was trained by Tania Massouf, creator of the Newborn Sensory Bath ritual.​ Just as the purpose of the Baby Close-Up Ritual is not drawing, but connection, the purpose of the Sensory Bath is not to "wash" the baby. The bath is an opportunity to offer him a moment of relaxation, to allow him to float on water, to teach him to trust life, to trust in you, and in his own abilities. Like good fairies, we bend lovingly over him, and while he floats, we whisper in his ear: "may you be happy; may you be healthy; may you be loved." 

Content of the Ritual

- we start out by swaddling your baby, as this has a calming effect and will help reassure your baby in the bath

- we prepare a bath infusion with the herbs I bring, if you wish to use them (no obligation at all)

- we settle in for half an hour of conversation, while your baby nurses, or sleeps. You tell me about the birth, the baby's arrival, anything that would be helpful for me to know.

- we prepare the bath and we dip the baby in; while remaining attentive to his reactions, we move him in the water, rocking, we find a rhythm. As soon as you feel comfortable, I retire and let you enjoy helping your baby float, one or both parents at once

- when your baby starts showing us that he is ready, we take him out of the bath; if he still has some availability, we give him a massage; otherwise, I show you how to do the massage, and you can offer it to him at another time

- you take your baby skin-to-skin and we close the ritual


The fee is 160 euros.


Home visits within 20 minutes of Le Mesnil-le-Roi (78600) are free. Beyond, I apply a fee of 30 euros.

As with all offerings, if you can benefit from my work but it is really not affordable to you, I adjust to what is possible for you. 

This is for you if:

- you want to offer your baby a moment of relaxation and contact with water to remind him of in-utero sensations

- your baby has a particular need to be welcomed to the world, if his first contact with earthly life did not go as you would have liked, if you would like to say welcome to him again

- you would like your baby to have a safe and pleassant bath experience and get used to being in the water 


- you would like to celebrate the birth of your baby in a private ceremony with your partner, a friend, a loved one

Practical Info: Paris, Maisons-Laffitte, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, west of Paris

I come to your home for this ritual, and if you live in Paris or in the west of Paris: Chatou, Le Vésinet, Le Pecq, Marly-le-Roi, Montesson, Houilles, Sartrouville, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

I bring the bathtub and herbs from my garden to scent the bath, if you wish. If you have a square cloth, with sides at least one meter in length, we will use it to swaddle the baby. If not, I will bring mine to use.

We will need to be in a well-heated room which is large enough to allow us to walk around the tub.


Your baby will need a towel ready when he comes out of his bath.


There is nothing we must do or accomplish during the bath; we proceed at your baby's pace, so that the bath can be a pleasurable experience for him. 

We can film the bath with my phone, if you would like to; I will send you the film after the session. 

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