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Rebozo:  enveloping pregnancy, birth and post-partum

When I discovered the Mexican rebozo with traditional midwife Naoli Vinaver, I felt like I was learning a new technique and at the same time remembering something I already knew. Because of the simplicity and the extreme adaptability of the fabric, it is possible to do so much with this traditional shawl: you can protect yourself from the cold, or carry a baby; you can wrap yourself in it or drape it around a loved one; you can swaddle your newborn or reposition the baby during birth; you can rock a mother giving birth or close her hips after childbirth. The fabric is both an extension of the arms and a link; a means of communication and an opportunity for self-expression. It is festive, tender, and reliable.

Today, my rebozos accompany me everywhere: on trips, at work, at home. I cradle my children, envelop my parents, I take care of my friends. In my work, I use them in a thousand ways. They go so well with hypnosis. 

The rebozo is a world of exploration, of play, of discovery, an invitation to relax, a link to our mothers. Here are some ways to experience it:

Rebozo and Pregnancy Ritual

Content of the Ritual:

- we start by talking a little so you can help me get to know you better

- you formulate an intention for the session


- you lie down and I use the rebozo to cradle, massage, wrap your shoulders, head, legs


- we have some herbal tea and we do a short ritual to anchor and close the practice

This is for you if:

- you are curious about the rebozo, and want to experience it for yourself

- you have an experience, a memory, an emotion that you would like to take care of

- you want to connect  to your mother, to your grandmother, to the line of women who have given birth before you, since the dawn of time

Rebozo and Post-Partum Ritual

Content of the 2-hour session

- we start by talking, so you can tell me about the birth, what it was like to meet your baby, about the first days after the birth

- you formulate an intention for the session

- you lie down and I use the rebozo to cradle, massage, wrap your shoulders, head, legs and especially the hips

- if you wish, you can take a bath before we work with the rebozo. I accompany you as if for a ritual: I come with herbs from my garden and you take a scented bath, with your baby if you wish; during the time of the bath, I speak to you much like in a hypnosis session; you relax and recuperate; and we work with the rebozo afterwards

This is for you if:

- you would like to recuperate after birth, which is a moment of great openness. Rebozo swaddling in postpartum helps to delineate the new contours of your body, and also to feel contained, whole, supported.

- you want to take a moment to say thank you to your body,to honor this passage of life, to take care of what needs caring for, to come back to yourself.

Your baby can be with us or with us, we include him or her if s/he wants to breastfeed, if you want to have your baby in your arms, if s/he needs you. We go at your pace, and your baby's pace.

Your partner is also welcome, depending on what would be good for you.

For all rebozo rituals:

Practical Info: Paris, Maisons-Laffitte, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, west of Paris

I book appointments on Wednesdays and Saturdays in my office in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, located at 34 Impasse des Louviers, a 5-minute walk from the RER A.

I can come to you if you live in Paris or in the west of Paris: Chatou, Le Vésinet, Le Pecq, Marly-le-Roi, Montesson, Houilles, Sartrouville, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

In order to fully enjoy the rebozo, it's helpful to be on a flat surface (on the ground for example, or on a big bed) with a little space around it, so that I can move around. I invite you to put on comfortable clothes that are close enough to the body (like leggings) to avoid any creases and folds in the clothes that could be uncomfortable. 


The fee is 160 euros per ritual.


For home visits, I apply an additional fee of 30 euros, unless your condition does not allow you to come to the office (which may well be the case during post-partum and at the end of pregnancy), in which case I come for free.

As with all offerings, if you can benefit from my work but it is really not affordable to you, I adjust to what is possible for you. 

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