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"I was at the center of my baby's birth"

Ruxandra accompanied us starting at 12th week of pregnancy, so we had time prepare serenely for the arrival of our daughter. My biggest fear was managing pain during contractions. It wouldn't even have occurred to me to give birth without an epidural before taking the HypnoBirthing classes.

Thanks to Ruxandra, my husband and I understood how the human body works, its power and above all its ability to give life. As we talked together and practiced our breathing exercices, I decided to give birth without an epidural. We surrounded ourselves with a medical team who support our physiological birth plan.

What I remember above all was that I was able to be at the center of my baby's birth. Giving birth is far too important an event to let other people decide how it should unfold. We adopted a daily practice of breathing, affirmations and relaxation using audio recordings and visualizations sent by Ruxandra. Each session with her was an opportunity to relax more as the birth approached.

I gained confidence in my body, in my baby and in my ability to give birth. I remember having some anxiety as my term approached and Ruxandra was there to reassure and encourage me. On D-Day, we were able to apply everything we had learned with her to manage my contractions. My companion, to support me, told me how extraordinary it was to see what I was doing.  The birth was very intense and our daughter needed help at the end but there wasn't a single time that I was afraid.  I was confident and participated in all the decisions, working with the medical team. Without the HypnoBirthing sessions, we would not have been so serene. Thank you Ruxandra.

- Céline, Anthony, Léontine

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"We were able to experience a long labor fully and peacefully"

Ruxandra accompanied us at the end of the pregnancy, to prepare for a birth that the mother greatly feared.

Ruxandra was able to ask the right questions, listen with an attentive ear and without passing any judgment. She created a space of comfort and safety for us to share our feelings and fears, and she gave us the tools to live experience our baby's birth calmly. For example, she suggested some powerful metaphors that allowed us to visualize the environment surrounding the birth.

It is thanks to her that we were able to define the very important role of the partner / dad, and above all it is thanks to her that we were able to experience fully and peacefully a birth that was long and intense. We supported each other by remembering Ruxandra's voice and wise words.

We thank her from the bottom of our hearts and we warmly recommend her HypnoBirthing classes.

- Erna, Yannick, Mina

"I needed to be supported ... in a way that resonated with the metaphysical revolution that I was experiencing"

From the first days of my pregnancy, I felt the need to be supported, not physically, with physiological information about the body, but rather psychologically, in a way that resonated with the metaphysical revolution that I was experiencing. But, in the jungle that pregnancy can be, how was I going to find the "good guide"? Was I looking for a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a doula? As I was searching, I remembered an Instagram profile that I liked a lot: Ruxandra's. I had been touched by the accuracy of her tone, at once intimate, soft, but also very introspective and questioning. She seemed to understand something about the "strangeness" of birth.

So I contacted her and after a first phone call, I knew right away that she was the person I was looking for. We started the HypoBirthing sessions with my husband, each time impatient to see her, climbing four by four the steps to her office. Long conversations about life and the part of death it contains, laughing together, learning powerful tools etc., I had the impression each time that I was gaining more amplitude.

Going back home, Ruxandra's words gave rise to stimulating conversations with Alexandre. The process allowed us to escape the medical aspect and to feed the philosophical and spiritual aspect of this adventure. And above all, it allowed me to gain confidence, not only in myself, but in others, too. I was able to share my doubts, my anxieties, my questions without fearing any judgment.

As the pregnancy moved on, the desire to give birth physiologically gave way to the prospect of a caesarean section for a baby who had decided to stay breech, his head held high. Ruxandra remained supportive and attentive, and the day before the surgery I was able to wrap myself in her words like in a rebozo! The cesarean section was intense, but we used the breathing and the visualizations that we had learned.

Our son, James was born on October 7th, a day of sunshine, autumn and the nurses being on strike. His eyes already contain all the consciousness of the world and I know that thanks to Ruxandra we were able to welcome him properly to the tribe of the living. Anchored, happy, and rich of our complexity. I have only one desire: to continue hypnosis by her side. Our gratitude will infuse for a lifetime. 

- Marie, Alexander, James

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"When I contacted Ruxandra I was taking online HypnoBirthing classes, but I felt so lost"

Thank you Ruxandra for accompanying us on our birth journey and helping us become more serene and confident.

When I contacted Ruxandra I was already taking online HypnoBirthing classes, but I felt so lost; it wasn't natural and it didn't speak to me. We were at 32 weeks and - with the days counted - I was grateful to find Ruxandra and that she was able to join our adventure.

We did online sessions and her wisdom, laughter, openness and kindness touched us from our very first session. I feel grateful and lucky to have had Ruxandra by my side, just a few hours before going to the maternity ward to meet our wonderful Elena. 

Ruxandra, you will always have a special place in our family. Lots of love: Yvonne, Lucas and Elena.

- Yvonne, Lucas, Elena

"After several years of trying, we are finally pregnant!"

My baby is already 5 months old, and I am just now able to think back on our journey without overwhelming emotion. It was a wonderful journey, not without pitfalls, and not without difficulty or fear, but this journey has been for me, for us, an extraordinary learning experience.

I met Ruxandra in a rather painful context, because after several years of baby trials, numerous miscarriages, and a fertility treatment, we were finally pregnant! (I say we... because it makes so much more sense to include my companion in this adventure.) We were expecting this perfect and magnificent little baby, and I wanted to accompany him in the most natural way possible, so I called Ruxandra for our first HypnoBirthing appointment! 

Shortly before this first appointment, we found out that our baby's heart had stopped, and that the pregnancy was not progressing. I informed Ruxandra, who invited me to do a hypnosis session. Thanks to her help, I was able to give a happy place in my heart to this darling child, so that his memory could be not just sorrow or sadness, but above all a source of strength on which I could draw to continue my battle towards parenthood. I hadn't understood that at that time, the HypnoBirthing classes had already started :)

Barely two months later, I became pregnant again, I surrounded myself with a new medical team, and I don't know why... but I felt confident, and ready to accompany this unborn child!

I very quickly got back in touch with Ruxandra, and we started the HypnoBirthing sessions! It was magical to be able to connect to my inner self, to rediscover the primitive and instinctive sensations that allow us to accomplish wonders! Throughout these 9 months, we worked hand in hand, so that we would be able to experience this pregnancy without anxiety related to our past. Ruxandra gave me lots of tips to deal with my little fears, visualization exercises and meditation to prepare me for managing labor. During the sessions, I felt the symbiosis grow with my child, we learned to communicate.

I dedicated a big part of myself to this project, because I wanted to offer my child as gentle arrival on earth as possible, so that he could start his second life in the best possible way. When the time came, I was able to do my relaxation and meditation exercises. I felt the surges get more and more intense, but I focused on my breathing. I applied all the techniques that Ruxandra had taught me, and I have never been so connected with my child! Our hearts beat in unison. We eventually had a C-section, and it was a wonderful and gentle experience for our baby. At no time was I overwhelmed by the choices we had to make, I did not let myself be carried away by the insistence of the medical profession... that too is thanks to HypnoBirthing: the serenity in taking decisions! 

Our little Lenny was born gently, during moments filled with love and kindness. He was so calm, and happy from his first moments.

- Vie and Lenny

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"Everything went a lot easier than I thought"

We had a wonderful birth experience thanks to Ruxandra's support since our 5th month of pregnancy. The HypnoBirthing sessions were a space of open and kind communcation during which we benefited from a rare quality of attention and precious advice about the choices we had to make as the birth of our child approached. Progressively, my partner and I gained confidence in ourselves and in our choices for the arrival of this little baby.

I initially had a terrible fear of vaginal birth and had never really practiced hypnosis. I wanted to give birth by caesarean because I did not feel able to face such an event. I finally took a completely different path on D-Day and everything went much smoother than I thought. I gave birth vaginally to a baby boy.

I sincerely think that the work with Ruxandra had a lot to do with it, as she gave us many keys to understanding the depth and importance of the moment that the three of us were about to experience, and also the impact of our choices until the last moment. She gave us HypnoBirthing tools for relaxation and pain management.

Finally, the testimonies and experiences that she collected and shared were a great support and helped us to gain in confidence and serenity. I recommend to all expecting couples this type of course which can really change a lot of things and I warmly thank Ruxandra for all the time and energy she devoted to us.

- India, Pietro, Eliah

"My pregnancy would not have been so beautiful without our sessions."


"Our Hypno-Birthing experience with Ruxandra was magnificent. While I thought my husband would be skeptical, he loved it. It allowed him to become fully involved in the pregnancy, to understand better and therefore to to be interested in all that it provoked in me. Ruxandra was a great support for me and a good translator to help my spouse to understand what I had difficulties to explain. The practice of Hypno-Birthing in her -even allowed me to go to the delivery extremely serene and confident in our preparation. My spouse was also a great support during the delivery thanks to all the tips and techniques learned during our Hypno- Birth. I don't know how to express how grateful I am for the support provided. I sincerely believe that my pregnancy would not have been as beautiful without our sessions with you. Thank you very much."  



"Thanks to my wife  for discovering HypnoBirthing sessions with Ruxandra and sharing with me as it was my first time hearing about such and never thought it will be useful but gave it all and yoooh cannot believe how powerful Ruxandra’s sessions are, never in my life could I ever imagine flying like a bird and going deep in relaxation, Ruxandra managed to make us relax and see birth session as a wonderful experience.


I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is so knowledgeable and delivered all the information in such an interesting and easy to understand format. Had we not done her course we would not have felt at all mentally prepared for birth. we went from feeling fearful and nervous about the unknown of labour, to calm and in control. The birth didn’t go how we would have planned, but her course gave us the techniques to deal with all the changes that were beyond our control, which made us feel calm and continue with our HypnoBirthing labour.


Ruxandra continued her support after the course and postpartum  and making us feel supported and surrounded. She is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She made our labour something we looked forward to, rather than ignored/feared. We now have a beautiful strong intelligent daughter.


We both can’t thank you enough for all your love and support during these precious months. Your knowledge in HypnoBirthing and postpartum has been valuable to us and we honestly feel that without meeting you, we would never have known all the wealth of information you have shared with us and the choices we as a couple can make along this journey to becoming a family.


Thanks a  million times Ruxandra for all the help and support, much appreciated. The dedication and commitment you gave us it’s on another level and we would highly recommend anyone to book a session with Ruxandra for HypnoBirthing.


A highly recommended 5 STARS"

- Mélodie, Onismo and Myla

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